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Anywhere in just 5 minutes ...

“For us, as an international company and one of the leading works of Robert Bosch GmbH, Bamberg is a very important location. You are optimally connected to nearly all German and European centers from here”.
Dipl.-Kfm. Karl Friedrich Krumsiek,
former commercial works manager of the Robert Bosch Works Bamberg and ambassador for Bamberg.

An outstanding transportation infrastructure is crucial for business. Bamberg is an efficient center for personal transportation and freight traffic directly in the heart of Europe with: excellent motorways, a main station on the Intercity Express train network, and well-equipped port facilities on the Main-Danube Canal.

Nuremberg International Airport is less than an hour away, and Bamberg’s business airfield accommodates smaller aircraft. An important traffic hub in northern Bavaria, Bamberg is well connected with other central European business locations. From Bamberg you can be on your way to anywhere in just 5 minutes …