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Children are welcome here

“Children love Bamberg. Bamberg looks like a city straight out of a picture book, and kids feel right at home here.”

Being a child in Bamberg offers great independence and freedom. Going to school on foot, by bike to play soccer, or by bus to music lessons; distances in Bamberg are short and school-age children can manage them without problems. Families appreciate their children’s freedom of movement and - following a nationwide trend - are relocating into cities with such accessibility. Bamberg has a lot to offer to both children and their parents: care for youngsters from toddlers through those of high school age … the young-people’s theater in the Altenburg castle … guided tours with “Sams” (a figure from a famous German children’s book) … . Adventure playgrounds and skating areas, and plenty of beautiful natural scenery. Where else can you search for shells in the heart of the city?