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Education in Bamberg

“Bamberg is also home of a high-profile university which, apart from cultural studies, specializes in economics and information systems / applied informatics. This is attractive to researchers and scientists, giving fresh impetus to the city as a business location.”
Prof. Dr. Frank Wimmer,
Holder of the chair of business administration, Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg, and ambassador for Bamberg.

It is no coincidence that the classic German film “The flying Classroom”, based on a novel by Erich Kästner, is set in Bamberg, as the city has long been an education stronghold. Here everyone has the chance to receive an optimum education to realize their personal goals. Bamberg provides the whole spectrum of schools for children and young people, and adults can choose from a variety of training opportunities and continuing educational facilities.

A well-trained workforce is central to global competitiveness. This reality guarantees excellence in both vocational training and university education. Bamberg is well equipped to satisfy all educational needs for business firms and their employees.

Bamberg’s Otto-Friedrich-University provides the majority of Information Technology graduates in Bavaria and is a favored recruiting source for business firms such as Deutsche Telekom. The university maintains cooperation and exchange programs with more than a hundred other universities in 18 countries - including the USA, Japan and Russia - and is thus positioned at the very heart of business growth for the entire region.