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Exquisite world culture

“Bamberg - that is beauty, art, architecture, education - in short - culture. It is a place where the world is still in order. Those who value such qualities - for themselves and their clients - will be comfortable here and make good friends.” - Tanja Kinkel, bestselling author and ambassador for Bamberg

Bamberg’s extraordinary atmosphere is simply captivating. It displays a charm developed over centuries to create a unity like that of no other city in this country.

More than a thousand years of history are united in an urban synthesis of European culture and art: The Old Town Hall erected right in the middle of the Regnitz riverbed, the four-towered Cathedral, the world-famous “Bamberg Rider”, an urban landscape whose beauty emerged unharmed from the turmoils of war, interspersed with crooked and narrow alleys and eye-catching stately homes still emanating the splendour of the Baroque era - all these factors contributed to Bamberg’s heart of the town to have been placed an UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites.

Bamberg is the dream city of the Germans and has a steadily increasing fan base all over the world. Art and culture are evident everywhere. Lovers of classical music are inspired by the world-famous Bamberg Symphony Orchestra and can also enjoy a chamber concert in the Rose Garden Café. Other musical highlights, not just for friends of jazz, are the jam sessions and concerts in the Jazz Club on Sandstrasse.

Theater lovers will enjoy the performances in the E.T.A.-Hoffmann Theater and on numerous other excellent stages. The many museums and galleries will attract art lovers with wide-ranging tastes. Unique in quality and size is the antiquities scene in Bamberg’s cathedral district. In addition, once a year in August, specialized traders offer their treasures during the Bamberg Art and Antique Week.
Experience culture in Bamberg! The sculpture route in the city presents the perfect opportunity. The international art house Villa Concordia regularly presents outdoor sculptures created by artists from every continent. Mitoraj, Botero, Avramides, Wortelkamp and Lüpertz have previously been invited to exhibit, and their works of art have enriched the lanes and squares of our World Heritage city. Some selected sculptures have even been acquired for permanent display.

You are sure to feel at home in Bamberg. And you will certainly not be alone for long. Your friends and acquaintances will love to visit you to share and enjoy the delights and atmosphere of this beautiful city.

“Ever since the 11th century many songs of praise have been sung to Bamberg. But exultant superlatives cannot even begin to describe this city. What makes Bamberg attractive is how one element blends into the next. Some individual buildings may be impressive for their perfection; but, at the same time, they are almost unobtrusive within the context of other structures. Bamberg is a mixture of idyll and urban environment, of soul (there are more than enough churches) and body (including restaurants), and of a history exceeding one thousand years and an omnipresent relationship to today’s life.” - Klaus Raab, author