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Running a business in Bamberg

“We feel very attached to this beautiful city where our company was founded in 1910, and which offers so many opportunities for our employees. However, the most important location benefits for me are the high proficiency and “know-how”. This form of effective symbiosis can only be found here.”
Hanno Krajowsky,
Former Sales Manager, Wieland Electric GmbH and ambassador for Bamberg

An UNESCO World Heritage city coupled with a high-tech infrastructure combines a rich historical legacy with an innovative vision of the future. In Bamberg, tradition and progress blend together to energize the entrepreneurial spirit.

Small and medium-sized companies, as well as worldwide global players, such as Bosch, Rupp & Hubrach, Wieland and Trench contribute to Bamberg’s economic success. These firms and many others characterize Bamberg as the business center of Upper Franconia and a future-oriented growth region. And Bamberg is a city of achievers! This status is confirmed by the current city rankings in the business publications Capital, Wirtschaftswoche and Handelsblatt.

As a business location, Bamberg is part of the European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg and, as such, optimally linked with global markets. However, real estate and related costs are relatively low, as is the general cost of living.

Local business firms value the active assistance offered by the Bamberg City Council. And it’s not just big business which benefits from this service. Medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs are also encouraged to establish or advance their vision of business growth in the region.